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MasterCash Concept
National currency transformed into digital assets
What is MasterCash?
MasterCash is a tokenization plaform based on Ethereum Classic. Security, transparency, speed and audit conduction — we integrate the advantages of blockchain technologies with cash money value.
Blockchain and fiat currencies
MasterCash has integrated Proof-of -Funds (PоF) protocol in its operation to emit cryptocurrencies which are 100% backed fy fiat: USDC, EURC, RURC, CHYC (backed by USD, EUR, RUR and CNY accordingly).
MasterCash Features
Speed. Security. Exchange rate stability.
For developers
Create decentralized apps and services powered by Ethereum Classic smart contracts while using a ctyptocurrency 100% backed by the selected national currency which makes it stable and save from exchange rate fluctuation.
For cryptoinvestors and traders
Use backed by national currency cryptocurrency assets with a low volatility and avoid the necessity of leaving the cryptocurrency market which will decrease the common conversion losses.
For financial organizations
Integrate digital assets into your operation which are knit to your national currency and secured from fraud and enjoy transparent and fast transactions with extremely low commission fees even in case of cross-border transfers.
For P2P payments
Make fast and safe transactions using a familiar currency integrated into blockchain environment without any mediators. Manage your assets no matter where you are using cold storage wallets.
Usage Cases
The ways different categories can apply the product
Exchanges and financial organisations
  • Use backed cryptocurrencies as an alternative to traditional currency deposit and withdrawal means
  • Settle fiat balances between world exchanges easier, faster and in real-time
  • Secure and manage customer assets through crypto-processes only including multi-signature option
Individuals, traders and investors
  • Move currency between exchanges and wallets gradually and enjoy low commission fees
  • Enhance your cross-exchange and currency arbitrage strategy and achieve a better trading result
  • Eliminate exchange custodial risk and use a cold storage wallet to secure your funds
Blockchain enterprises and start-ups
  • Have a wide range of different digital currencies to offer to your clients and draw new customers
  • Price your goods and services in a currency your clients are familiar with
  • Bypass financial instituions (audit, custodian) and therefore reduce operating costs
Stability and popularity
The main benefits of digital assets backed by national currencies (e.g. USD)

  • National currency's exchange rate stability
  • Wide application fiesld
  • Usability
  • Convertibility
  • NFC card emission for transactions performance

Key Advantages
Transaction speed in ETC ecosystem is from 10 to 50 seconds only. The system is powered by which allows us to perform up to 1 million transactions/sec.
The system is absolutely transparant, all transactions are tracked and can be traced via blockchain.
Low fees
The transaction fees are fixed and are 0.1% from the sum.
MasterCash DAO
A decentalized organisation in which every MasterCash DAO token holder has a right to accept or reject new development lines drawn by the developers or the initiators.
Why DAO?
The key benifits of DAO organisations
Security and transparency
Introduction of a secure digital ledger that tracks financial interactions across the internet and a distributed database adoption
Decentalized decision-making process
Every MasterCash DAO holder is entitled to accept of reject proposals put forward by the developing team or by the initiators (main sponsors)
Smart-contracts adoption
Smart-contact based DAO releases funds needed to put the proposals in practice as soon as the proposal is approved by at least 51% of DAO-tokens holders
DAO Voting Procedure
The following chart describes the was the suggestions are put forward and the decisions are taken
ETC-based wallet
Your way to online banking
Blockchain-based online banking
Forget everything you know about banking. Developers and financial organizations can build decentralized apps within open and transparant MasterCash eco-system.
Cryptocurrency Adoption
The Epoch of the Next-Generation Currencies
Bitcoin adoption
> 5 million users
The estimated number of BTC users by 2019
~ 155 000
The number of BTC transactions daily
> 100 000
Merchants that accept BTC
of Russians use BTC or altcoins as a payment method; in US the percentage is 1.5% and in UK — 1.6%
Transaction fees
Credit cards
1.9% to 3% for the merchant
Debit cards
depends; usually 1% plus some extra flat fees
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
min. 0.0001 BTC

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